Thinking of Joining?

Thinking About Joining the Sea Cadets?

You must have your parents permission to join us, and we encourage they spend some time with our Unit and observing our day.

The U.S. Navy Sea Cadets Crops provides youths:

  • Development of mental, moral & physical ability
  • Development of Structure & principles of patriotism
  • Good citizenship
  • Instills a sense of Honor & Duty
  • Develops basic seamanship
  • Self respect & respect for others
  • Classroom training
  • College Scholarships

After joining Sea Cadets you have a multitude of trainings you will be able to participate in after you complete Boot Camp.  Sea Cadet training can be viewed at All NHQ Training Schedules Summer/Winter

You should arrive at 0800 on the drill date.  Your attire should be appropriate civilian attire, and non-marking tennis shoes.  Please let us know when you will be visiting us so that we are prepared for your arrival.  Final muster is at 1545, have your parents prepared to pick you up at that time.

Please Note; When printing forms please print them on one piece of paper, front and back, where needed. Thank-You.

In addition to the listed Forms –

You must also bring with you:

  • A copy of birth certificate
  • A copy of health insurance card
  • A copy of child’s immunization record
  • Social Security card
  • Enrollment Dues

Enrollment can not be completed unless all forms are received as a completed packet.

Cadet Application and Agreement Form    
Used to record personal Cadet information as well as all standard releases.

Parental Agreement Form  Used to request assistance from Cadet parents with unit operations and support

Report of Medical History Form  
Used to obtain personal medical history of incoming NSCC/NLCC Cadets.

Report of Medical Examination Form       
Used to record personal medical examination information on incoming
NSCC/NLCC Cadets (to be filled out by a Doctor only)

*** A medical examination similar to a high school sports physical is required for all cadet applicants to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) or Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC). No one will be denied admission to the NSCC/NLCC due to a medical disability. Where a medical condition precludes full, unlimited participation, a Request for Accommodation (NSCADM 015) may be presented by the parent or guardian for review so the cadet may participate in NSCC activities to the maximum extent possible.

Release and Hold Harmless Agreement Form

This form will be used for various Unit & Advanced Trainings

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